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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tips on how to heal a heartbreak

Relationship is a product of two (heart) parties accepting to be one. When this bond is formed it's difficult and hurts if you want to remove. This is why the some religion will always advice not to bond outside marriage. When a relationship is blissful both party's smile and spring of joy comes into play. But when things go wrong hurts and heartbreak takes over. 

The followings are some tips to heal heartbreak:
1. Let go the past; one of the challenges you must face in life is learning from the past, appreciating it and leaving it in the past.

2. Forgive the person; the moment you forgive the cloud, hatred and the burden of losing someone will be lifted off you.

3. Accept yourself; even if everybody rejects you, loving yourself is the first step of healing heartbreak.

4. Have a long neglected conversation with the person; the memory of the person could make you feel a sense of losing someone. But when conversion is neglected you can easily forget about the person.

5. Return the person's materials; materials have a way of triggering memories. So do away with such materials.

6. Do what you love to do most; things you know how to do best have a way of making yourself happy and joyful, this could in turn release your heart.

7. Be around positive friends; Friends could worsen issues or make a light to glitter around your face. Positive friends make positive things happen to you.

8. Know that better things is ahead of you; make the rest of your life the best of your life, by being careful not to repeat same mistakes. Your past might have been tempered with, but know that your future is very untouched. Look onto the future.

9. Don't jump into another relationship quickly; when a person is heartbroken he/she could want to rush into another relationship, to replace the hurts and feelings. That is not the best option. Just wait and learn from your past first.

My final advise is that whatever that leaves you is not meant for you, so be happy that your best is on the way.

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