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Saturday, January 1, 2011

How to communicate effectively

To communicate effectively is a function of the four major points that are stated as follows:


To stay connected with people you have the following as your tool:

a. Establishing rapport with people;

b. Paying attention to people's facial expression, body language and tone of voice;

c. Adjust your communication style to match your audience;

d. Avoid saying other people is wrong;and

e. Show interest in the other person's interest and concerns.


This is another tool for effective communication and it entails:

a. Encourage people to talk;

b. Attending to other people with all your attention;

c. Always ask open ended questions;

d. Listen to what others want to say; and

e. Express what you have heard and noticed from other people in your own words.


To communicate effectively you need to do the followings:

a. Speak with sincerity and conviction;

b. Be sensitive to other people's communication style;

c. Listen at least as much as you talk; and

d. Reconcile what you say with how you say it.


When speaking the following tips are to be put in considerations:

a. Project Confidence;

b. Connect with your audience;

c. Keep it short and simple; and

d. Ask for feedback.

With these key points you will very close to communication in an effective manner.

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