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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Men at work

A young man went in search of work in a zoo. Unfortunately for him, there was no vacancy. Since he was so desperate for a job, the zoo manager told him he would pay him well if he could dress up like a gorilla, a star attraction who incidentally died the day before.

Well the guy had his doubts but he needed the money, so he put on gorilla skin and went into the cage. He was able to convince visitors to the zoo that he is a real gorilla. This isn't so bad, he thought then he started putting up a good show , jumping around, beating his chest, roaming and swinging around. During one acrobatic attempt, he lost his balance and crashed landed through the safety net in the middle of the Lion's cage. As he laid there stunned the lion roared. He became terrified and started screaming; Help ! Help!! Help!!!. the lion raced to him and placed his paws on his chest and hissed, "will you shut up, do you want both of us to lose our jobs?".

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