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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Is it love or Likeness

A never-ending and controversial question that the answer would be varies from person to person for sure so we may never come to a universally accepted conclusion. Let me elaborate on what is “love”? And what is “like”? Since all of us are human and maybe the only species on the cosmos that fall in love and feel like, we all have an intuitive notion of what love or like is? These are both divine emotions which the compassionate the merciful God has bestowed upon humanity to enable them spread peace and redemption in their kingdom. So it is not surprising if they are utilized in place of each other.

I do not know whether have you ever fallen in love or not, but it is dead certain as a human being you have experienced to be fond of someone at least for once. How was it? Can you feel it now? And why you like him or her? In many cases it seems impossible to convey your precise feeling because when it comes to talk about emotions even the best narrators turn to a novice one. Notwithstanding being incapable of elaborating feeling, you can exhibit the reasons of why you like or love someone, even in this stage you turn back into an expert narrator, moreover your are highly aroused and a pleasant sensation surround you while characterizing him or her.

Although love has undeniable might and is thought to be the strongest, purest and most complicated man’s sensation, the cause and the moment that it occurred have given rise to these questions; Does an emotion which has been just set alight at a glance last long? Or is it sincere? The answer depends on person’s point of view and his or her situation. If you ask a lover or a beloved one these questions he or she would presumably reply “definitely yes” and ask the same thing under normal circumstances you will get a more reasonable response. Unfortunately these mundane loves mistakenly interpreted and compare to the “love of God” which is intensely different in term of purity and sincerity.

On the other side the bases that to be fond of somebody is rooted in, is completely in contrast with mundane loves’ causes and principles. It is a mixture of both emotion and insight which help you to develop a mutual relationship and having the same feelings one for another. A great part of liking somebody is having cognition about him or her and if you found it likable the more you know someone, the more you like him which led to a more mature and more faithful interaction. And last but not least inasmuch insight is considered when you feel like you will not be akin to those blindfolded lovers that try to justify their beloved ones’ deeds even if they do the most unpleasant things ever possible. At long last having both emotion and insight into account it can satisfies you both emotionally and conceptually as opposed to love that just meets your emotions. In sum up the term “be fond of someone” is more highly likely being a pure and honest sentiment.

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