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Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Super ways to be outstanding in life2

4. Energy-not Effort

The human brains loves busyness. It is happiest when it is exhorting you to work harder and keep your nose figuratively closer to the grindstone. Trying to work harder pays more than being smarter as it is tiring and depressing. It is better to put more energy into the key places which can generate different outcomes.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said " The exceptional life depends not working harder, but on different, even opposite, actions from habit and the world".
To condition your brain to stay calm and think clear do the followings:
1. Do opposite of what people normally do;
2. Toughen up mentally by regularly putting yourself underpressure to deliver consistently high quality result;
3. Aim your full attention on the future and let go of the mistakes of the past; and
4. Try stretching your strenght  and make unexpected friend.

The following tips will also help you in expending your energy for results:

i. It is not really how hard you work that counts. What matters is how effortlessly you get the right things done;

ii. Learn how to excel under pressure;

iii. Streamline so that you can focus on what adds most value;

iv. Make a leap forward by doing nothing at times; and

v. Be prepared to stay hungry and foolish.

5. Impact-not intentions

Most people have lofty aspirations, well meaning promises and good intentions about what they hope to achieve in the future. But until one turns those wishes into reality it is in there and now your intentions are just passing thoughts.

You have to focus on your impact, not just your intentions and get into the habit of tracking how much impact you are generating. Good measurements overcome brain ruts and allow you speed up your progress towards your open-space goals and targets.

Take the followings as an effective measurement system:
i. This will involve hourly measurement which are them summarized daily and weekly;
ii. Defines in some detail the types of changes you need to achieve your open-space goals;
iii. Allows you to start each day by glancing at your measures so you know where you are at present;
iv. Incorporates a daily review session where you can assess what worked that day and what did not; and
v. Track moment by moment changes.

Claude Bernard said "It is what we think we know that prevents us from learning something new"
To really impact your life you should note the followings:
1. Intensions are fine but in the final analysis, what counts is the measurable difference you make in living your values;
2. Learn how to make change stick;
3. Always remember whatever you measure counts and;
4. Always stay close to your soul.

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