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Monday, February 15, 2010

5 Super ways to be outstanding in life ( Part -1)

To surpass everyone's expectation in life you need to take everything you do very serious. Instead of trying harder every-time.It is better you start something different today. Though, many people may think it is impossible but all you require is combination of skills and talents.
With the following skills and your God's endowed talents you can make it in life:

1. Direction-not Motion

The human nature try as much as possible to work against change, especially one is trying to change an attitude the brain struggles and even resists. To consistently bring out your personal best performance you need to engage the part your fore brain which is good at envisaging the future. Do the following to engage your fore brain:

i. Visualized where you need to be heading in life rather thinking about your current demands;
ii. Visualize clearly and vividly hoe best your future can be;
iii. Think of the best path that can take you there
Iv. Evaluate all your abilities and passions then think about which one can move your life forward; and
v. Once you are through with these steps above, go to work on making your dreams a reality.
If you can manage the direction in which you are heading you will be surprised on how the world will start celebrating you.
Robert H. Goddard said, "It is difficult to say what is impossible, for the dream of yestaerday is the hope of today and really of tomorrow"
As you are heading in your desired direction take note of the following:
1. "Good" and "Great" are the enemies of "possible", never settle with what others label as "good" or "great";
2. Whatever you guide always grows; guide your direction and your possibilities will continue to grow;
3. Whatever you automates always accelerates; and 
4. Make the most of unexpected twists and turns.

2. Focus- not time

The human brain loves fussing over unimportant details as well as loves being a time keeper. To set off these human nature, you need to learn hoe to override this inbuilt warning against something new. It is also pertinent to train yourself to follow different patterns:
i. To see the contest of your life and how all various pieces will fit together;
ii. To see new opportunities clearly and concisely;
iii. To view these new opportunities as open-space possibilities; and
iv. To see what could lie in the future rather than defending what happened in the past.
Richard Bach said" The more I want to get something done, the less I call it work".
To be focus in life remember the following tips:
1. Planning your time is good but it's better to pay attention to what matters, whether it's planned or unexpected;
2. Emphasize the right moment, not the clock;
3. What you frame accurately will engage your attention;
4. Clarifying always unlocks your creative powers; and
5. Race your own race in tandem with others.

3. Capacity-not conformity

The human mind has very strong survival instincts honed by long years of development. For this reason, it enshrines conformity as good because that is safe. To make your dream a reality. you need to tap into those capabilities which are normally kept hidden. To access these capabilities you have to tune into the best brain your brain has to offer. The key to turning your own extraordinary ideas into successful action is to find ways to collaborate

with yourself constructively.

Orison Marden said, " The most amazing powers to change our lives and the world are waiting just beneath the surface of our daily habits, if only we could see these hidden powers, awaken them and put them into action"
To detect your hidden capacities take note of the followings:
1. Copying others is helpful, but your biggest gains will come when you boldly unlock your hidde potentials and apply it;
2. Use your brain, your heart, your gut and spine;
3. Remember whatever you demonstrate becomes real;
4. Awaken your inner genius and fix fewer problems; and
5. Harness constructive discontent to drive growth.

To the remaining part of this beautiful article continue in part 2.

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